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The future of predictive AI

Predict. Prevail. Prosper.  Stay ahead of the curve with FinGenesis AI.
Harness the power of our generative AI to predict Financial Markets Prices and Trade better.

Notable mentions and customers that value our AI innovations

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Why our AI achieves more? 

FinGenesis generative AI is built on many years of deep research to develop proprietary AI networks and learning methods that overcome the limitations of traditional analytics, statistical methods, and machine learning systems.


FinGenesis AI includes state-of-the-art smart pattern recognition, generation, and training methods. Our proprietary deep reinforcement learning innovations are comparable to the intellectual property created by ChatGPT, and we aim to harness its power in use cases for price analysis and trading of financial markets. 

Our smart AI is optimized for financial market data. It uses many proprietary methods to analyze patterns in historic data, builds models from history, and generates scenarios that are yet to be seen to make these models smarter. The smart AI processes millions of scenarios and strives to predict with the highest probability of success.


Our AI performs a more accurate analysis of near-term noisy patterns in financial data, than most legacy methods such as Algos, and statistics such as technical indicators. Plus, our smart AI monitors its errors and updates models when it finds significant shifts in data patterns and remains more accurate than statistical methods and static Algos.


The non-AI legacy methods learn only from historic data and lack generative AI abilities to anticipate new patterns, and are unable to attain high precision of results achieved by smart AI systems that minimize errors under most conditions. 

Products and their expertise

Our AI solves many complex steps involved in the analysis and prediction of prices to identify profitable opportunities to trade the movement in asset prices. Designing a profitable trading strategy is complex. People require domain expertise, a deep understanding of the trading process and its nuances, and risk management.


People need smart technology to succeed. Expertise is required in the below areas to design successful strategies. 

  1. Analyze Prices. Predict the upcoming price Range (High and Low) and trends, ideally for multiple timeframes. 

  2. Identify When to Enter a Trade. Find the optimal price to Buy or Sell to win a certain Profit at a certain Risk.

  3. Manage Trade Lifecycle from Open to Close. Actively monitor the unrealized gain/loss and find the optimal exit

  4. Build a Portfolio of Trades. Combine many trades to lower the level of loss and improve the distribution of profit.

Many tools and software products have been launched in the past decade to access news, technical indicators on price charts, and algorithms to automate statistical checks and alerts. These legacy tools and products require users to learn their use to understand the hidden limitations of such legacy products

FinGenesis AI-driven products overcome these limitations and offer a new frontier of intelligent systems to make the process simpler and better in all of the above four areas. Continuous learning abilities of our AI manage the upgrades of models to maintain their performance over longer timespans. Our AI products get smarter year-on-year. 

FinGenesis AI products bring the following AI revolution to benefit people. 

  •   Assist         -  Predict prices reliably by timeframes to attain a more accurate analysis of upcoming prices. 

  •   Advance   -  Identify trade entry signals that provide a high probability of winning the target profit. 

  •   Augment  Manage the lifecycle of each trade from open to close to find the optimal exit to realize the gain/loss. 

  •   Exceed       Build a smart portfolio of many trade signals to lower the loss and improve the distribution of profit. 

FinGenesis AI powers many use cases and creates value and new revenue opportunities for businesses and people. We are bringing our price prediction product Assist on TradingView charts (TV) charts soon. We want to provide the power of our smart AI to millions of people through the world's most loved charting platform TradingView. 

  •    Brokers use our products to increase the participation of their retail trading clients, and increase revenue. 

  •    Small Banks use our products to improve their treasury function to trade Bonds and increase profitability. 

  •    Traders use our products to predict prices and identify opportunities to trade, to increase their profitability. 

  •    Trading education providers use our products to simplify the analysis of price charts, to help more people. 

  •    Introducing brokers use our products to help their global retail customers to succeed and trade better. 

Our People

We have combined expertise of more than 80 years in computing, maths, physicsfinance, and AI. 


Our thought leadership and the culture of purpose-driven work attract people that bring an entrepreneurial mindset. The team fosters a results-driven culture and resilience. We work tirelessly to advance innovations in AI and its application in financial markets. 

We love and support diversity of ideas and people and offer equal opportunity employment. 

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