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The future of predictive AI

Predict. Prevail. Prosper.  Stay ahead of the curve with FinGenesis AI.
Harness the power of our generative AI to predict Financial Markets Prices and Trade better.

Notable global names that know about our AI innovations

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Why our AI achieves more? 

FinGenesis generative AI is built on many years of deep research to develop proprietary AI networks and learning methods, that overcome the limitations of traditional analytics methods, and simpler machine learning systems.

FinGenesis AI includes both deep learning methods, and deep reinforcement learning methods, to cover a wide variety of use in pattern-detection problems to build better optimized models that achieve more reliable predictions as much as possible, based on the given data.

Our AI intellectual property includes smart innovations similar to the AI advancements found in popular products such as ChatGPT, and we aim to harness our AI to analyze financial market prices, to aid our customers in making profitable decisions with more confidence.  

Our smart AI is optimized for financial market data. It uses proprietary methods to analyze patterns in historical data, creates models that learn from history, and then generates scenarios that are yet to be seen to make these models smarter, in ways that are possible. The smart AI processes millions of scenarios and strives to predict with a high chance of success under normal conditions. 

What predictive AI like ours solves is different from the commonly talked about rule-based Algo systems. In addition, our smart AI monitors for errors and upgrades the models when it detects significant shifts in data patterns, to attain reliable predictions, as often as possible.  The non-AI older legacy methods that use simpler statistics, often fail to anticipate new patterns in data, and hence have low reliability of results even under normal data distribution. 

The predictive AI provides a view into the upcoming price movements and potential profit-making opportunities, for people to apply their smarts and use this insight effectively to make profitable decisions.  

Products and their expertise

FinGenesis AI solves the complex steps involved in the process of data analysis, to the creation of optimized AI models that help predict prices for customers, in simpler and quicker ways, for users to then identify profitable opportunities to trade as per customer's discretion. Designing profitable trading strategies is complex. People require domain expertise, a deep understanding of the trading process and its nuances, and risk management.

Smart AI can solve hurdles in many of the below areas, for people to design their own strategies to succeed. 

  1.  Analyze Price Patterns to Predict upcoming price Levels (High and Low) for a variety of timeframes. 

  2.  Detect Potential Opportunities that offer Buy / Sell with a high-probability of profit-making results.

  3.  Update Risk Levels during the lifecycle of Trades, to monitor the Gain / Loss until close of Trades.  

  4.  Design Portfolio of Potential Opportunities in ways that lower the combined risk and improve profit.

Many tools and software products have been available in the past decade to access news, technical indicators on price charts, and algorithms to automate statistical checks and alerts. Such legacy tools and products require users to learn their use, to then understand the hidden limitations in such legacy products

FinGenesis AI products overcome these limitations and bring a new frontier of intelligent systems that make the process simpler and better in the areas. The continuous learning capability of our AI tracks the models to maintain upgrades that provide better performance over multi-year timespans. Our AI gets smarter every year. 

FinGenesis products bring the following AI revolution to benefit people. 

  •   Assist         -  predict prices reliably to attain a more accurate analysis of upcoming price movements. 

  •   Advance   -  detect buy/sell opportunities with a high probability of success in normal market conditions.

  •   Augment  -  manage and update risk levels during the lifecycle of an open trade, to optimize gain/loss. 

  •   Exceed       -  combine buy/sell opportunities in a smart portfolio to improve the distribution of gain/loss. 

FinGenesis AI products are global products that create value and revenue opportunities for businesses and people. We wish for millions of people to eventually benefit from the use of our smart AI products. 

  •    Brokers embed our product APIs to enrich the experience of retail traders, to improve UX and revenue. 

  •    Small Banks use our products under SaaS licencing to improve their treasury function to increase profits. 

  •    Traders use our products under subscription (Human + AI) to see price predictions and trade profitably. 

  •    Trading education benefits from our products simplified price analysis on charts, that can simplify trading. 

  •    Marketers bring our products to their global customers, to help more people succeed and generate profit. 

Our People

We have combined expertise of many decades in computing, maths, physicsfinance, and AI. 

Our thought leadership and the culture of purpose-driven work attract people who bring an entrepreneurial mindset. The team fosters a results-driven culture and resilience. We work tirelessly to advance innovations in AI and its application in financial markets. 

We love and support diversity of ideas and people and offer equal opportunity to hires.

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Insights about FinGenesis AI and its focus


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