We are an Artificial Intelligence company building Deep Learning solutions.


Our mission is to provide the most customer-centric AI solutions that provide insights into the future and help make better, more profitable decisions.

FinGenesis is harnessing the latest advancements in Deep Learning to build institutional quality AI solutions that find meaning embedded within complex time-series data and help simplify the intricacies of forecasting future events.


Such solutions are essential for almost every industry vertical. The first few products are being built for Finance/FinTech. This will be followed by products for other verticals.

Our experienced team brings the rigour of academic excellence (including institutions such as MIT, Berkeley, and other) and accomplishments of building solutions for a variety of industries.

The roles are aligned to lead one of the two focus areas, ideation, and execution.

The team has skills in building Quant models for the Wall Street, FinTech solutions, Space sciences, Supercomputing, Data Science, Machine Learning, Innovation, Strategy, and leading organizations. 

FinGenesis was incorporated in Singapore. Since 2019, in the first year of operations, the team has grown to nine innovative professionals that bring a combined experience of more than 60 years in creating business solutions.

Team members are based across 4 countries. We follow an agile method to accelerate work around the clock. We maintain some discretion about the team members, similar to the philosophy of Renaissance Technologies.


Contact Us

General:     ask.us@fingenesis.com

Investors:   ceo@fingenesis.com

30 Cecil Street,

Prudential Tower, #19-08,

Singapore 049712

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