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The future of predictive AI

Predict. Prevail. Prosper.  Stay ahead of the curve with FinGenesis AI.
Harness the power of our generative AI to predict Financial Markets Prices, and Trade better.

Notable names that know about our innovations in AI

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Why is our AI revolutionary? 

FinGenesis AI is founded on many years of proprietary research and thousands of experiments to develop models that detect patterns in financial market price movements to generate optimal predictions with high reliability. 

Our AI is significantly more intelligent when compared to statistical models and rule-based Algo systems. Its design includes many optimizations that overcome the limitations seen in statistical models that overfit historical data or the traditional machine learning methods that over-predict and add random errors and risk for traders using that data. In addition, our AI monitors its errors and updates the models frequently to attain fairly stable performance in normal market trends and conditions. 

FinGenesis AI includes many proprietary versions of best-in-class deep learning and reinforcement learning methods like variants of convolution networks, long-term and short-term networks, transformers architecture, and others. Our novel design generates greater optimizations of the predictions to achieve greater reliability in results.

Our research and innovation have similar technical capabilities as the methods found in ChatGPT-like AI systems. We build AI to solve a purpose that is different from language models. Our AI focuses on understanding patterns in the price and volume history of the financial markets, creating models that apply generative layers to create scenarios to stress test the models, to deliver predictions that are more likely to happen in normal market trends and conditions. 

FinGenesis AI delivers quicker (people save 10x to 20x time compared to legacy statistical methods) price analysis, at greater ease and reliability, for traders to find profitable moves and improve chances of profitability

Products and their benefits

Predicting financial market prices is complex. It requires a certain minimum level of domain expertise and intelligent technology, to manage its analysis to extract data-driven insights in rapidly changing patterns of the financial markets.  

Our products manage this complexity. They learn price patterns and deliver real-time price predictions. People gain speed and convenience in analyzing price moves to focus on picking profitable opportunities with more confidence. 

Legacy methods of applying technical indicators on price charts and rule-based automation lack the intelligence and optimization found in our AI. Such legacy methods require people to maintain them continuously to beat the odds by small margins i.e. slightly more than 50%. Hence, people need intelligent machines and AI to overcome the hurdles of such legacy methods. 

In addition, our products include a continuous learning approach that updates the models frequently to upgrade their knowledge of new patterns occurring in price movements. This maintains the operational quality and reliability of the products under normal market conditions. 

These two products are offered under the AI + Human approach to benefit people (traders) who want AI to analyze prices and help unlock profitable moves. People apply their final discretion and decision in taking action (trading or not). These products do not automate any trading decisions for people.  

  • Assist         -  predict Prices to help people find profitable moves and opportunities. 

  • Advance   -  generate Signals that present optimal buy or sell opportunity with a high likelihood of profit.

These two products are offered under the Autonomous AI approach, for proprietary use by equity investors only. These aim to automate decision-making (with the knowledge and approval of its customers) to unlock opportunities these people wish to unlock.

  • Augment  -  build Portfolio to pick the combination of Signals that offer good distribution of risk.

  • Exceed       -  manage real-time floating Risk during the lifecycle of trades to reduce loss and improve profit.

Our People

Experienced leadership and a strong team with the combined experience and expertise of 80+ years in corporates and startups. The team is skilled in math, physics, computing, finance, and AI. 


Our culture fosters a results-driven approach to drive rigor in creating innovative work with a solution-seeking mindset. We welcome diversity of ideas and offer equal opportunity to people who join us with commitment and motivation to work in our entrepreneurial risk-taking spirit.

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Insights about FinGenesis AI and its focus


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